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Attention Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs...
How To Become The Celebrity Of Your Niche And Dominate Your Marketplace
Want To Become The Go To Expert In Your Niche Without Having To Post Endlessly On Social Media?
Want To Become A Top Expert In Your Niche Without Having To *Wait Your Turn* Or Post Endlessly On Social Media?
Want To Become A Top Expert In Your Niche Even If You're Not Extroverted And You Hate Networking
How I Help My Clients Hack Celebrity Status & Become Go-To Experts in Their Niche in 3 Weeks or Less
The Most Important Asset You Will Ever Have in Your Life or In Your Business is Your Celebrity Status If You Want to Triple Your Conversion on Your Offers, Become a Celebrity.
Your mission is to discover the most valuable business ‘hack’ and take a shortcut You didn’t think was possible...
discover the '3 Celebrity hacks’ That All The Top Experts Use To Instantly Grow Their Authority & Sell Out Their Offers
The Most Important Asset You Will Ever Have in Your Life or In Your Business is Your Celebrity Status. If You Want to Triple Your Conversion on Your Offers, Become a Celebrity.
Your mission is to discover the most valuable business ‘hack’ and take a shortcut You didn’t think was possible!
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Thursday, July 1, 2022
7:00pm EST
Preston Bates,
Celebrity Researcher
Only 25 seats available 
1,000+ invited
Thursday, July 1, 2022
7:00pm EST
Preston Bates
CEO, Co-Founder Omega ROI
Only 50 seats available 
1,000+ invited
Sick of Doing All "the Right Things," While You Watch Other Less Talented "Experts" Take All The Status & Make All The money?
I see you. And it’s not your fault. I’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurs like you. They’re pouring out their blood, sweat, and tears but going nowhere fast.

Typical business owners waste a lot of time and money. They buy new courses. They learn the latest tactics and worst yet, they end up working so much that they miss out on time with family and friends.

All that sacrifice, and they’re hardly moving the needle in their business.

Does this sound eerily familiar?

You know you were made for so much more than that.
Most Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs Wrestle With Three Main Problems.
Most Entrepreneurs Wrestle With Three Main Problems.
Which one is keeping you stuck?


You were told to build complicated marketing systems. You were told that you should build lead magnets, funnels, and automations. How's that working out for you? I mean, did you get it done? And if you did, what happens if just one thing breaks?
You were told to focus on building an audience. You were taught that you should spend tens of thousands of dollars acquiring email addresses. And that *someday* these folks would become buyers. But aren't you tired of waiting for someday?


You were told to be the best at your craft. You were told that experience and credentials were the path to prosperity. But doesn't it annoy you to see less qualified, younger competitors earning more money than you even though they can't match your level of knowledge?


You were told to wait your turn. That your time would come but it wouldn't
Are you feeling this?
Good. You’re in the right place.

You need something that will help you fill your calendar with pre-qualified leads and realize larger-than-life profit margins. Something to get your business on track to sell faster and more profitably than you previously thought possible.

Escaping from the status quo is no longer someone else’s success story, my friend.

There is a strategy that works. And it’s completely within your reach.

Celebrities Dominate the Market. And I’ve Discovered That the Key to YOUR Success is Hacking Their System to Become a Celebrity Entrepreneur

Hey, I'm Preston. I’m here to show you how to turn your business into an empire. I can show you how to create and leverage celebrity power for yourself and your business.

With no extra work.

The truth is, most business owners don’t know the secret that celebrities have been hiding from us for decades. They didn’t get famous by accident, or by some stroke of dumb luck. And they certainly didn’t become celebrities because of their “talent.”

I’ve been working with newsmakers and high profile celebrities and political figures since the age of thirteen., so I’ve observed their patterns close-up for a longer period of time than most.

I not only noticed their mind games, I cracked their code. I discovered an exact, precise formula called, Preselection Bias™.

Once I noticed the formula they follow, I couldn’t unseen it! And as I gathered more and more data – analyzing the exact steps and the various techniques – I started to wonder:

[JOSH] What would happen if entrepreneurs started to use this concept to gain more authority in their market and grow their business?

Why should celebrities have a corner on this market?

I tested my hypothesis first with my own business. (As a serial entrepreneur, I love the process of trial and error – but you don’t have to rely on that tedious process!)
News hit for One American News with Chief White House Correspondent, Chanel Rion.
Former Congressman Ron Paul (aka the GOAT)
After seeing some incredibly promising results -- like booking regular international cable news appearances, and landing 8-figure private clients, I knew I was onto something. 

Other people could use this formula and experience the same results as I did. Because celebrities certainly aren’t any more special than you or me.

Best part of all, The Preselection Bias™ doesn’t require you to be in a particular niche, or sell a specific product or service or be famous to begin with. 

It turns out…

You don’t need a certain type of personality...

You don’t need to look or act in any particular way...

You don’t need to be on camera… 

You don’t need to travel… 

You don’t need to spend a fortune… 

You don’t need any special connections… and

You don’t need anyone’s approval!

So, if you want to grow your business fast, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you. 

(##) of people have tried this method out for themselves.

They had very little in common. And yet they ALL started dominating in their niche.

The Celebrity Framework is the only common thread connecting them.

The usual way entrepreneurs find customers and scale their businesses is okay. It worked for me to a certain extent. And it’s gotten you this far.

But people like us aren’t content with business as usual! We’re ready to go big. And we’ve already put in too much time and effort to keep slogging away only to get mediocre results.

Celebrities hold the secret key to your effortless, long-term prosperity.

You can hack their system. I know how to do it. I’ve done it myself and taught many others as well.

Now it’s your turn.

I’m letting the secret out because I believe the wrong people are getting famous. You’ve worked harder than most, and it’s time for you to build an empire at least as powerful as theirs.

I’ve perfected the framework. Now it’s up to you to use it.

You WILL sell more, better, and faster than you ever have before.

Are you ready?

How to Create Your Celebrity Brand – From Scratch – In Just Days…

  STEP N° 1

Uncover exactly what your target fan loves so you can strategically align yourself before you 10x your social status.

Secret Hack: Use your customer’s biological, sociological, and psychological conditioning to effortlessly win their business.
Hack your social status 

Uncomfortable Path:
- Identity middle level  celebrities/influencers
- Find out where they are and go to events they attend
- Get pics, videos, endorsements
- Climb the ladder

Comfortable Path
- Target 5 or more influencers under 5000 on social
- Offer them something
- Get on a video call and interview them
- Describe how they perceive you

  STEP N° 2

Quickly appear in all the places your customer is looking. It's easier than you think to get in front of the right people and I can show you how.

Secret Hack: Become omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Just by paying attention to the things your people care about.
Create your credibility

- 6 videos that make you look like you're on the news and how to use these clips

  STEP N° 3

Solidify your influence and power within your tribe. And then expand that influence into parallel niches to create your business empire.

Secret Hack: Make your customers absolutely obsessed with you. Your devoted customers will feel like they’re your family.
Launch your celebrity

-Host your own event

Here's What Creating A Celebrity Brand Could Mean For Your Business:

You’re generating astronomic profits on-demand with an effortless, evergreen marketing and sales system.
You’re in the driver’s seat of your business. Pure, unadulterated confidence. You’ve left behind fear, hesitation, and confusion for good.
You’re surrounded by people seeking you out for advice and guidance. You’re getting the respect you’ve worked so hard to earn.
The cycle of stress and fatigue is over. You have the time, money, and energy to live your life on YOUR terms.

Do you feel that sensation in your chest? That’s hope. This system is going to rock your world.

Let the Transformation Begin…

The LIVE Celebrity Hacking Masterclass

This one-of-a-kind masterclass is your chance to hack the system and win the game. You’ll catapult your business to extraordinary heights.

And you’ll how to do it in 90 minutes or less.
  • No more long days chasing bad leads.
  • No more late nights learning another marketing “miracle” (that turns out to be a dud).
  • No more feeling like a fraud because your limited success is so hard-won.
Just everything you need to know to dominate your niche, effortlessly fill your calendar, and harness your celebrity star power.

If you’re ready to get out of the rat race and stop following the same-old advice that has been getting you nowhere, then sign up today by clicking the button below.

Here’s what’s in store for you inside the Celebrity Hacking Masterclass...


Increasing Your Status

Increasing Your Status

Most business owners are clueless when it comes to winning over their customer base. That’s why in this lesson, you’ll get to know yourself and your audience on a much deeper level. You’ll use the information you glean to skip rungs on the social ladder, earning more trust with every step.

What We'll Work On


ADD ON BONUS: Our Bootcamp Sales Funnel Template!

Along with the training, we're also going to give you our exact bootcamp sales funnel in both ClickFunnels format as well as a PDF version

All the copy and messaging in the sales funnel was written by our personal copywriter so feel free to use it as a model to for your own.


Declaring Your Credibility

Declaring Your Credibility

Here you’ll learn to use the news cycle to build up and reinforce your credibility. Instead of passively watching the news, you’ll BE the news. And since the go-to experts make media appearances, I’ll help you perfect your interview skills.

What We'll Work On


ADD ON BONUS: Facebook Group Swipe Files

To make your life even easier, we're also going to give you the exact Facebook group post swipe copy from our most recent bootcamp.

This will save you hours of your time not having to come up with new ideas. Just see how we do it and adjust for your own niche.


Amplifying Your Influence

Amplifying Your Influence

From this point on, you’ll unlock the door to growth on autopilot. Building on the foundation of your strategic connections, status, and credibility, you’ll learn the best ways to expand your business empire.

What We'll Work On


ADD ON BONUS: My Personal Pitch Recording

Because we want you to nail your pitch, alongside the training, we're also going to give you access to the recording of our most recent webinar pitch training. This is the exact same training we get our private clients to watch before mapping out their own webinars which are run on the final day of the bootcamp.

This one add on alone could help you earn back 100x the investment in this masterclass.


Even though we believe those who show up live will get the most out of the experience, we totally get that emergencies do happen.

That's why we are recording the training and it will be available for you to watch for the lifetime of the program.

We'll send you out the replay link and the presentation slides as soon as it's ready to watch.

Plus these exclusive bonuses are yours for the taking

You’ve been left out of the celebrity club long enough. So take advantage of these shortcuts and start dominating your niche with greater ease and flexibility

Celebrity Angles

Celebrity Social Media Swipe Copy

Celebrity Style Guide

Celebrity Angles

Get TEN more hacks to help you crack the celebrity code! This checklist will keep you moving on the right track. Check them all off for maximum results.

Celebrity Social Media Swipe Copy

Launch your celebrity campaign with even more confidence! You’ll get plug and play sales copy to make it even easier to convert your leads.

Celebrity Style Guide

What’s your “look”? Even if you’ve never thought about it – I have. You’ll get tips for hair, clothing, and your new aesthetic.

Celebrity Avatar

Celebrity Assessment

Email pitch templates for news/media

Celebrity Avatar

Let's be honest, emails are an essential part of any promotion but they suck to create, am I right? That's why we took all of the emails from our best performing bootcamps and added them to an email swipe folder for you to take and model for you next promotion. You'll get our registration emails, show up reminders as well as cart open emails. They're yours for free when you sign up to the masterclass today.

Celebrity Assessment

If you hate the idea of having to spend the next 2 years of your life posting on social media so that you can "grow an audience" before finally selling them something, then you're gonna need a way to succeed with paid advertising. That's we've taken all of the most successful ads we used for our bootcamp and packaged them together in this Bootcamp Ad Swipe Vault. Use them as a model when you go to create your own ads for your bootcamp promotion.

Email pitch templates for news/media

Most people don't know how to create an effective sales video for their landing pages. This is mainly because they don't know how to put together a script that presents the offer in a way that makes it irresistible. That's why we have take the best performing scripts for our own sales videos and turned them into a step-by-step tutorial that you can use for your first or next paid bootcamp. It's yours for free when you join today.

Celebrity Session (1:1)

To make this even more of a no brainer, you're also going to get a 1-on-1 launch strategy session with one of our top coaches.

This will happen in the days AFTER the training, which means you get to bring your bootcamp plan to the call and get feedback from someone who has directly helped our private clients succeed with their own promotions.

Full Transparency: Because our coaches give their time, we don't know how long we can offer this bonus, so if you need to get your bootcamp earning money right away, take advantage now before this bonus disappears forever.

SUPER BONUS: Private Facebook Group

We recently launched a private community on Facebook that is only available to our clients who invest in our programs (no freebie seekers!).

You can use it to connect with other coaches who are using the paid bootcamp strategy to grow their businesses. Not only that but our team of coaches are in there offering support and answering questions all the time.

We also host live coaching inside the community each week where you can get the latest information on what is working the best right now.

Best of all, you get access to this community for the lifetime of the program.

That’s a lot of goodness, so let’s recap what you’re getting when you sign up:

  • Bootcamp Creation Formula ($197 Value)
  • ​Bootcamp Connection Formula ($197 Value)
  • Bootcamp Conversion Formula ($197 Value)
  • ​Sales Funnel Template ($97 Value)
  • Group Swipe Vault ($97 Value)
  • Pitch Workshop ($97 Value)
  • Launch Planner ($97 Value)
  • ​Launch Scorecard ($97 Value)
  • Launch Calculator ($97 Value)
  • ​Email + Ad Swipe Vault ($97 Value)
  • Sales Page Video Script ($97 Value)
  • 1:1 Launch Strategy Session ($497 Value)
  • Access to our private community (priceless!)

Total Value = $1864

Today's Price = Just $38

*This is a special offer at $38 and the price will be going up soon. You don't want to miss this opportunity

Here's Proof This Strategy Really Works From Just A Handful Of Our Clients...

“I can’t believe I made 6-figures on my first paid launch”

– Kristen Doyle
"Total revenue generated: $38,995 (ad spend: $1,560)"

- Glynis Carpenter
“We made around $54,000 in profit!”

– Michelle Smit
“In my very first launch I have over 100 people join my bootcamp and I made over $15,000”

– Sara Bryki

Still feelin’ iffy? Here’s what makes us and "The Celebrity Hacking Masterclass" legit:

  • Unlike other systems or templates, the bootcamp system is customizable. We’re giving you exactly what works but in a way that you can tweak it to feel like you, so it connects with YOUR audience and converts for YOUR program.
  • We don't just teach this stuff; we actually do it. We have been using paid bootcamps since 2018 for our business and for our top level clients. We are giving you something that has been proven time and time again.
  • We're not just business coaches, we have built and sold online businesses in over 30 different niches from skin care to parrot training (yes, you heard that correctly). We know what it takes to earn money online for all types of industries and we infused that knowledge into this bootcamp strategy. You can literally create a bootcamp for any niche. 
  • We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs make hundreds (and hundreds) of thousands of dollars in niches ranging from fly fishing to mandolin playing, talent coaching to bookkeeping. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and our students have gotten sick results following our strategy.
  • We keep it REAL. We’re a husband and wife team who each came from working class families and we know what it takes to build something from scratch that means something to you. We take your business as seriously as you do. We’re also the kind of people you’d want to share a frosty drink and talk shop with 🍻

Here are some of the top questions our students wanted to ask before they grabbed their ticket: 

How do I know if this is right for me?
We designed this system for the coach or course creator who knows their niche and has at least one offer they are ready to sell.

We like to see that you have made SOME money selling courses and coaching, preferably at least $10,000 in the last 12 months.

It's also for you if you are earning 6-figures or more per year and you're tired of working with freebie seekers who absorb all of your time and are stopping you from growing. This will be your path to running a new style of promotion that is more profitable and allows you to work only with your best clients.
How much time will it take to create my bootcamp?
It’s totally up to you. You can work on your bootcamp promotion in your own time after the training has ended. 

But if you’re feeling a sense of urgency, you can easily have all the components up and running in the next 30 days or less. You also get access to the replay, so you can use it as a reference as you go out and create your bootcamp.

If you want to discuss what it looks like to come on as a private client, which lands you access to our personal launch team plus a dedicated coach, you can ask us about that after the training is over.

Reminder: Don't bother bringing your credit card to the training as we won't be pitching you anything.
Where do I access the all the bonuses?
When you join, we'll instantly give you access to all your bonuses inside a private online portal. We'll then send you email and text notifications in the lead up to the training.

Once the training has ended and the replay is available, we'll send you the direct link so you can start watching it immediately.
What if I decide this isn’t for me? 
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the training, templates, and bonuses within 7 days of the workshop ending, we’ll gladly offer you a full refund. 

That means you can enroll today, experience the training and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to absorb the replay and materials then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.
What if I need extra support as I create my bootcamp? 
Throughout the training, we'll stop periodically to answer any questions you have to ensure you walk away with a plan that is certain to succeed.

On top of that you're also getting a 30 minute, 1-on-1 strategy session with one of our coaches that you can use to get even more feedback before you go to run your bootcamp.

And although it's not for everyone, if you want more help we can see if you're a good fit to come on as a private client where you get access to our personal launch team.

What you want is within reach, friend.

You just have to grab it. We’ve taken our years of experience in creating sales funnels and have turned it into a system you can plug into your business and customize so it works without you having to sacrifice what makes you unique. 
But most importantly… it takes out all of the guesswork. 
You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have something killer to offer your audience. You wouldn’t be here if you already had a strategy that WORKED and allowed you to help more people. 
Which is exactly why this system is important. 
You have people to serve. Let’s make sure they can find you and work with you. 
Cool? Cool. 
You just have to grab it. We’ve taken our years of experience in creating the paid bootcamps and have turned it into a system you can plug into your business and customize so it works without you having to sacrifice what makes you unique. 
But most importantly… it takes out all of the guesswork. 
You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have something killer to offer your audience. You wouldn’t be here if you already had a strategy that WORKED and allowed you to help more people. 
Which is exactly why this system is important. 
You have people to serve. Let’s make sure they can find you and work with you. 
Cool? Cool. 

We say it pretty well if we do say so ourselves, but our students say it best. Here’s a closer look at what’s possible with Paid Bootcamps!

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